Willamette River, Oregon River Mile 1.9 to 11.8 Hydrographic Survey (2018 Portland Harbor Bathymetry Data)

David Evans and Associates, Inc.. 2018


Bathymetry Survey Field Sampling Plan Portland Harbor Pre-Remedial Design Investigation and Baseline Sampling Portland Harbor Superfund Site, Zip compressed geodatabase

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Title Filename Size (kB) Document Type
Portland Harbor Geodatabase File type Portland2018.gdb.zip 164,579 Data File
Willamette River, Oregon, River Mile 1.9 to 11.8, Hydrographic Survey Report File type Portland Harbor Hydrographic Survey Report_20181010.pdf 22,690 Report
Portland Harbor Bathymetry Data 2018 Map Sheets File type WR_Final Data_2018_BathyData_181017_HiRes.pdf 19,302 Report Figures