Field and Data Report, Downtown Portland Sediment Characterization Phase II

GSI and Hart-Crowser. 2010


This Field and Data Report provides the results of the second phase of the Downtown Portland Sediment Characterization (DPSC Phase II). The DPSC was initiated in 2008 (DPSC Phase I) to assess the presence of environmental contaminants within the downtown Portland reach of the Willamette River, tentatively defined as extending from River Mile (RM) 12 to 16. The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) performed a preliminary screening level evaluation of the Phase I data and identified nine Focus Areas for further investigation. Follow-up analyses of archived Phase I sediment samples were completed in response to the evaluation and in order to inform the development of sampling and analytical procedures for the DPSC Phase II. The analytical results for these archived samples also are included in this report.

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Data Flat File File type WLLAS_studies.xlsx 6,809 Data File
Appendix D: Grab Sample Description Logs File type FieldDataReportPhaseIIAppendixD.pdf 100 Report Appendices
Appendix F: Core Processing Logs File type FieldDataReportPhaseIIAppendixF.pdf 310 Report Appendices
Appendix G: Field Notebooks File type FieldDataReportPhaseIIAppendixG.pdf 5,280 Report Appendices
Appendix H: SSS Videos – Diver Assisted Grabs File type FieldDataReportPhaseIIAppendixH.pdf 53 Report Appendices
Appendix I: Cultural Resources Monitoring Report File type FieldDataReportPhaseIIAppendixI.pdf 987 Report Appendices
Appendix K: NAS Laboratory Reports File type FieldDataReportPhaseIIAppendixK.pdf 6,028 Report Appendices
Appendix L: Data Validation Report File type FieldDataReportPhaseIIAppendixL.pdf 623 Report Appendices
Appendix M: Analytical Results and Data Reduction of Split and Reanalyzed Samples File type FieldDataReportPhaseIIAppendixM.xls 691 Report Appendices
Field and Data Report, Downtown Portland Sediment Characterization Phase II File type wr-FieldDataReportPhaseII.pdf 256 Report
Field and Data Report Tables File type wr-FieldDataReportPhaseIITables.pdf 270 Report Tables