Final Supplemental Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study Field Sampling and Data Report, River Mile 11 East, Portland, Oregon

GSI Water Solutions, Inc.. 2014 (2839 pages)


This Field Sampling and Data Report, prepared by GSI Water Solutions, Inc. (GSI), for the River Mile 11 East (RM11E) Project Area is submitted by Cargill, Inc. (Cargill); CBS Corporation; City of Portland (City); DIL Trust; Glacier Northwest, Inc. (Glacier NW); and PacifiCorp, collectively referred to as the RM11E Group. This report provides the results of the surface sediment, bank soil, upland (subsurface) soil, and groundwater sampling efforts described in the EPA-approved Final Supplemental Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study (RI/FS) Work Plan (Work Plan; GSI and DOF, 2013). This work is being conducted pursuant to the Statement of Work (SOW) contained within the Administrative Settlement Agreement and Order on Consent (EPA Region 10, CERCLA Docket No. 10-2013-0087). These investigations are supplementary to and consistent with, investigations conducted for the RI/FS of the Portland Harbor Superfund Site (Portland Harbor) and required by EPA to facilitate selection and design of a final remedy at the RM11E Project Area.

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