Appendix A6. Background Porewater. Lab and Data Validation Reports for PDI Database

AECOM and Geosyntec. 2021


Background Porewater. Collection of lab and data validation reports for the Pre-RD groups PDI database

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Title Filename Size (kB) Document Type
Chemical Results for PDI Porewater Samples File type Porewater Chemistry Data Table.pdf 905 Data File
Data Validation Report Bromide for 580-80529-1 File type 580-80529-1 DVR.pdf 17 Report
Data Validation Report Metals and Bromide for 580-80576-1 File type 580-80576-1 DVR.pdf 19 Report
Laboratory Group IDs Porewater Samples File type A.6b Laboratory Group IDs.pdf 77 Report
TestAmerica Analytical Report for 580-80529-1 File type J80529-1 UDS Level 2 Report Final Report.pdf 627 Report
TestAmerica Analytical Report for 580-80576-1 File type J80576-1 UDS Level 2 Report Final Report.pdf 1,235 Report