2018-2019 PDI/Baseline Sampling Data

Portland Harbor Pre-RD. 2019


The EQuIS standard Analytical Results 11 (AR11) report format is the basis for the data contained in the Expanded Database Export (EDE). The AR11 report output is an MS Excel file which is imported into an Access DB file to facilitate querying and review of large data sets. The Access file contains three tables as follows: 1. Data Elements table. This table holds a definition of each data element (column) in the export. 2. Expand Database Export table. This is the table that stores the content of the AR11 export. In Access Design View, the data types and an abbreviated version of the data element definitions can be found as well. 3. Reference Values table. This table decodes the shortened IDs contained in some of the columns (data fields) of the Expanded Database Export table, providing a more complete definition for the data code. The first column identifies the relevant export data field(s), the second column provides a listing of all the IDs relevant to that data field, and the third column provides a more complete description associated with the short ID/ reference value. See the readme.pdf file formore detail.

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Portland Harbor PDI-BL Sample Database File type PH_PDI-BL-Samp_Database_20191220.accdb 284,128 Data File
Lab and Data Validation Reports for PDI Database File type Pre-RD_PDI_Appx-A-Chemistry-Data-DVR.zip 1,168,591 Data File
Readme with additional information from EPA Region 10 File type Readme_EPAR10_2.pdf 113 Data File
Data Element Table File type DataElementTable_2.pdf 91 Report Tables
Reference Values File type ReferenceValues_2.pdf 201 Report Tables